EP7: Danielle Weber: Big Dreams. Big Art. And A Lot of Hard Work.


Do you ever hear music or see a piece of art and feel like it’s beyond this realm? Too beautiful or too big to have been created by a single person.

That’s how I felt when I was first introduced to Danielle Weber’s art. I was speechless and it instantly felt to me that she has been painting and creating for many lifetimes. Danielle creates art on a very grand scale and I was so curious to speak to her about her process and how it informs the rest of her life.

In our conversation, she shares with us one of the hardest moments in her life when she dealt with grief and loss and how it took her away from creating. She also shares how she found her way back to her canvas and paintbrush and why she is certain that everything happens for a reason. She told me that her painting feels like a glimpse into her soul and why she doesn’t think anything is impossible.

“Painting is my soul.” (Click to tweet!)
~ Danielle Weber

So many in my community share with me that they used to paint or draw or have another form of creative expression and it’s been lost over the years, but I can sense their yearning to bring it back into their lives. So, I asked Danielle what her advice was for people feeling that way and what she said really stuck with me. She says that she used to believe that her art was 50% talent and 50% hard work, but she now sees that it’s likely closer to 30% talent and 70% hard work and resilience. She credits her success to the ability to stick with it and push through the frustration and learning and not feeling like you’re any good, so you can get to the other side. We often forget that there is another side!

I’d love to hear in the comments below if you’ve found your way back to creative expression after loss and how it’s helped you.

Danielle’s following is growing quickly as she has recently gained a lot of exposure having painted and met Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Check out some of her work below to see what I’m talking about.


More About Danielle Weber

Danielle is a 26-year-old artist from Melbourne, Australia. Danielle’s career in art stems from growing up in an artistic and creative family, with an abundance of encouragement and support leading to her art dream being realized in 2011. Danielle’s work has extended to Hollywood actors, Olympians, Sports stars and Leading Business personalities.

You can connect with Danielle via her website and also follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Listen to Episode 7 Below:


In This Episode, We Talk About

  • How Danielle loses time when she paints, even at a young age

  • Why her Mom was a big influence on her art

  • That while she has dedicated every hour she’s had to painting, she feels like she still has a long way to go

  • Danielle’s hardest time in her life and how she found her way back

  • Why Danielle thinks that everything happens for a reason

  • The idea that you have to do a lot of work on yourself to allow something like art to help you, otherwise it can just be a bandaid

  • Danielle’s process for painting and generating new ideas and how a lot of the time she finishes and even surprises herself

  • Her main role models in life and art

  • Her advice for others wishing to include art and creativity in your life, no matter what age - HINT: be willing to stay with it even when it feels hard

  • Danielle has painted some very famous people - The Rock, P!nk, Arnold Schwarzenegger and so many more - she shares what meeting some of these celebrities have been like and what has surprised her

  • Danielle shares one of her biggest dreams and why she doesn’t think that anything is impossible

  • How she knows the time is right to start a painting - and what it feels like when it is “right”

  • The   thing she’s ever painted

  • Danielle’s advice to people who have a dream

  • The idea of destiny, comparison syndrome on social media 

  • And so much more!

Things We Mention In This Episode


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