EP3: Traver Boehm: A Life-Altering Month In A Dark Cave And Getting His Life Back After Divorce


The first time Traver came into my life, he was on stage at an event and the first few words he spoke just blew me away. I had goosebumps recounting that moment with him during this interview, and I’m certain this conversation will leave you feeling the same way.

We talk about the hardest experience he’s ever gone through, how the death of relationships is such a complex type of loss, and how he finally re-entered his existence after a painful (but powerful) time of transformation.

He was so open and honest during this conversation and I’m so grateful to him for sharing these parts of himself and his story. He talked about his dark days on the bathroom floor after his marriage ended and how it was the catalyst to reevaluate everything in his life. It spurred on his Year to Live project which was his way of working through the pain and healing.

One of the most fascinating parts of his Year to Live was when he spent 28 days in pure darkness. I was SO excited that he shared in detail, his 28-day experience in the Dark Retreat. What he learned when he had no choice but to confront himself and how it’s impacted his life and work since. Traver is on a mission to redefine masculinity and as he says, “the world is begging men to acknowledge and heal their pain”.

“It is not an act of weakness to reach out for help.” (Click to tweet!)
~ Traver Boehm

There were so many moments where we both had chills! His story left me speechless and I’m so excited he’s sharing it here with all of us on the podcast.

The passion he has for the world is contagious and he is very connected to the knowledge of the universe. He is such a gift to us all. Please be sure to connect with me on Instagram to let me know what you thought of this conversation.

More About Traver Boehm

Traver Boehm is the founder of the UNcivilized Men’s Movement redefining the way around the globe experience their masculinity by uniquely blending both the Primal Masculine with the Divine. He is also the author of the book Today I Rise, a two time TEDx speaker and life coach to high achievers.

Drawing upon an eclectic background ranging from professional bodyguarding and Mixed Martial Arts to Traditional Chinese Medicine and meditation, Traver also teaches people to skillfully use the inevitable pain of their lives as fuel for growth and positive change.

To learn more about Traver you can visit his website and also follow him on Instagram.

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In This Episode, We Talk About:

  • Traver shares the first time he remembers feeling bold and impactful

  • Why he doesn’t consider himself a writer, but rather a public speaker that can type fast

  • Traver describes the hardest experience of his life. Why it was hard to choose and why he thinks it was the worst

  • Traver is so open and honest in sharing the experience of his wife leaving him and how it shifted his reality and changed what he thought was possible

  • How his bathroom floor became his sanctuary and what that hellish process actually taught him and how he eventually came to be grateful for it

  • How divorce is such a complex loss because it’s the death of that person for you but they are still alive for everyone else

  • How long it took him to have a glimpse of feeling like himself again

  • Traver shares sow he does healing differently - his reentry to get back to who he is today

  • How his divorce sparked his Year to Live project - 12-month public social experiment - how it all strung together to lead him from one experience to another to become the hardest and most profound and wonderful year of his life.

  • His experience with the dark retreat. This story left me speechless and I’m so excited he is sharing it here on the podcast!!

  • The dream that changed everything

  • How he learned so much of how his history had influenced his life and choices and how much of his past was dictating his current life

  • The most courageous thing he’s ever done - following his heart

  • Traver shares the theme of his new book and work to redefine masculinity

  • Why he thinks this is just the beginning

  • How he spends his day currently and why his heart has never been more full

  • How his new relationship is different from all others in his past

  • Traver’s advice to men who are in the waiting room - you’re not alone and you’re not special

  • And so much more!

Things We Mention In This Episode


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