EP18: Jill Coleman: The Journey Back To Self-Trust After Divorce


The fabulous Jill Coleman joins me this week. Jill is the founder of her incredible personal brand, Jillfit.com. Since 2010 she has been helping and inspiring thousands and thousands of people to live better, fitter and healthier lives. And she shares her philosophy around food and exercise that I’ve implemented in my own life and believe is truly sustainable and helpful for so many. Be sure to listen until the end when Jill provides some tips on how to get started with exercise and why a small “treat” every day may just be the solution to your dieting dilemma! 

But before we dive into all things health, Jill and I get personal and talk about her divorce. She speaks so openly about what happened when her husband had an affair. How she dealt with it, what she did, and how she did it, including the story of how she got into the car and drove thousands of miles out of her old life and into her new one. How hard that was for her and how she changed her life because of it.

“The fastest way to build your sense of self-trust is to take action. You can’t get better unless you’re willing to get dirty.” (Click to tweet!)
~ Jill Coleman

I can’t wait for you to listen to this conversation and to be inspired. Not only inspired to live a healthier life and to move your body but also inspired to live the life that you want including cultivating the relationships that you want and need in your life.

I’d love to hear what you think of this conversation and how you see it translating to your own life. Be sure to comment below or connect with me on Instagram to tell me all about it.

More About Jill Coleman

Jill is the founder of JillFit.com and a lover of all things intense workouts, #moderation365 eating, and helping women to grow their online fitness businesses Jill’s mission is to help women break the crash dieting cycle through easy tools and usable insights. Get results, get smarter, get more effective.

You can connect with Jill via her website, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

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