EP15: Frank White: What The Experiences Of Astronauts Can Teach Us About Life, Loss And The Universe


I started this podcast so that I could give you access to people who have done not just incredible things, but things that are out of this world and my next guest is definitely one of them. Today’s guest Frank White is the man that coined the term, The Overview Effect. As some of you know I am obsessed with space and the stars and the universe and the whole mystery of the cosmos so when Frank said yes to this interview I was literally and metaphorically over the moon to have him join me!

When you listen to this episode I want you to remember one thing, when we are able to have the perspective that is different from our unique point of view. When we can see the world from really far away and when we can see our loss and our grief and our trauma and our obstacles from a very different vantage point those difficulties and tragedies change did a little bit. This shift in perspective can make a world of difference when it comes to healing after loss and tragedy.

In short, Frank is about space. His passion and need to understand the feeling that astronauts get when they are up in space and looking down on earth, they feel this awe and connection to everything. He has been mesmerized by that feeling for most of his life and career. His book the Overview Effect has been here in my home with me for years and I actually wrote about the overview effect a couple of years ago and shared it with all of you. So now you can only imagine the excitement that I have within my soul to introduce you to Frank White. 

“When you can see your life as a larger, whole system it all starts to make sense.”
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~ Frank White

I hope that at the end of this conversation, you feel connected to our universe and space and your life and everything and everyone you have lost in a different way. My favorite part of the conversation was the connection between the Overview Effect and near-death experiences and that same awe feeling of not wanting to come back to earth and not wanting to come back to this life. I hope you will try to understand it from your perspective and please always remember that this reality is magnificent.

Frank is here to spread light and new bigger perspectives to the world and I am forever grateful for this. And here is your homework for tonight after you listen to this episode. Go outside tonight and look at the stars!

More About Frank White

Frank White is a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard College, a member of Phi Beta Kappa, and a Rhodes Scholar. He coined the term "Overview Effect" and has written three books on the subject, as well as several books on other topics. He considers himself a "space philosopher" and advocates the creation of a new philosophy of space exploration and development.

 You can connect with Frank via his website or Twitter.

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In This Episode, We Talk About

  • Why Christina thinks Frank’s work about space and the overview effect can help and heal the “average people”

  • Frank’s mission is to help as many people as possible to understand the overview effect because he believes it can help people

  • How close we are to taking more regular citizens into orbit

  • Looking at virtual reality to achieve the overview effect without leaving the house

  • How Frank looks at his life from a broader perspective thanks to the overview effect

  • That the essence of the overview effect is the ultimate goal of philosophy, psychology, etc.

  • How Frank got connected to space and pursuing this line of work

  • Why Frank thinks we all have a destiny and why he’s glad that it has all worked out the way that it has

  • The idea that books write themselves

  • Why Christina wants space to be part of our everyday life

  • How private enterprise is shifting everything when it comes to space travel

  • How Frank is connected to the private business owners that are at the frontier of space travel including Sir Richard Branson

  • Space for Humanity - an organization that has opened up applications to people willing to travel to space and then come back and share their experience with the rest of us - to be space ambassadors

  • How we can use space travel to evolve and expand consciousness

  • How Frank thinks he may find his way into space

  • Frank’s experience of loss in his life and how it connects to his work with the overview effect

  • What Frank thinks happens when we die

  • The connection between near-death experiences and the overview effect

  • The idea of cosmic birth

  • What Frank would like people to take away from his work

  • The idea that we are all already in space and the crew of space ship earth

  • And so much more!

Things We Mention In This Episode


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