EP11: Roz Savage: From Corporate Life To 4-Time Guinness World Record Holder


It is not an understatement to say that today’s interview changed my soul! I was so moved by Roz Savage’s story and the more I dove into it the more captivated I became. Roz is the very first woman to row solo across the world’s biggest oceans. She holds 4 Guinness World Records for rowing. We spent over an hour to talk about what triggered her to leave her “perfect on paper life” and set out on a path to completely rewrite the course of her life.

When she set out on this path she didn’t know how to row, she ended her marriage and said goodbye to a regular income. She does acknowledge early on in our conversation that she is privileged to have chosen her adversity, knowing it wasn’t thrust upon her by a tragedy. But no matter which way the adversity comes to you, she is certain that the learning potential is equal to the struggle.

“The scale of the learning is directly correlated to the scale of the struggle to get there.” (Click to tweet!)
~ Roz Savage

If you have that feeling that there must be “more” or are looking for the courage to make a change you know you should, this conversation is for you! You will be left thinking, as I was, can you change your life as dramatically as Roz did? The answer is yes! You can find your way out of the waiting room too!

I’d love to hear what you think of this conversation and how you see it translating to your own life. Be sure to comment below or connect with me on Instagram to tell me all about it.

More About Roz Savage

Roz Savage is the first (and so far only) woman to row solo across the world’s “Big Three” oceans: Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian. 

It was an unexpected career move for a former management consultant who doesn’t particularly enjoy exercise. She was inspired to brave the oceans when she realized two things: 1) we are all capable of much more than we tend to believe we are, and 2) we need to make some changes if we're going to live healthy lives on a thriving planet. So she used her voyages to expand her own limits and to promote sustainable living.

She now writes, speaks, and lectures on sustainability, courage, resilience, and transformation. You can connect with Roz via her website, or Twitter.

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In This Episode, We Talk About

  • How her transformation began

  • She feels fortunate that she chose her adversity and loss and that it wasn’t thrust upon her through tragedy

  • The idea that losing everything you think is important can actually be completely liberating

  • Roz’s moment of impact - the moment that changed everything for her 

  • The magic that happened when she started saying yes to her soul’s longing

  • Her environmental awakening that happened on a pilgrimage in Peru - she became on fire about this and desperate to do something

  • How she got started with rowing and how she got the idea to row across the Atlantic

  • Why she felt that the universe had her back during her expedition

  • Her preparation for the row across the Atlantic which was a 3 ½ month voyage

  • The scariest moments during her row across the Atlantic

  • Her technique for shifting her thoughts away from fear and negativity

  • How she felt when she was approaching the end of her journey - 103 days in the Atlantic

  • How she felt after she got off the boat and how she recovered

  • How she integrated her new self into her life after she got off the boat

  • Who Roz thinks she is now and what she is working on next

  • Why she thinks we need a new story about what it means to be a human on planet earth - a balance of the masculine and feminine

  • It took me 5 million oar strokes to get me across 3 oceans

  • And so much more!

Things We Mention In This Episode


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