EP0: Dear Life Podcast with Christina Rasmussen Premiere Episode


Welcome to my podcast!

I am SO excited to spend an hour with you every week, speaking with extraordinary human beings that have experienced tragic circumstances, devastating losses and they have found themselves at the rock bottom arena. Yet somehow, they managed to find the steps, find the mountain and climb all the way back up.

We’re going to learn all about them and how they live their life. We’re going to dive into their hardest, most difficult and escapable moments and discover how they survived.

We will learn from them and be inspired by them. We will have these conversations to access not only their resilience and their ability to overcome the most horrible and difficult moments, but also their soul and their extraordinary higher self that ultimately go them out of those hardships.

What I hope you’ll feel while listening to these conversations is that while they seem extraordinary, they are also quite ordinary. These people are just like any of us and if they can impact they world and are living fully after loss, then so can we.

I hope you’ll join me every Tuesday as I connect with artists, astronauts, athletes, authors, chefs, world-class speakers and so many more!

Listen to Dear Life Below:


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